Absinthe Gold68
Gold68 Absinthe

Absinthe Gold68

Absinthe is a strong alcoholic liquor of typically 68% alcohol by volume / 136 US proof. The name "Absinthe" derives from "artemisia absinthium", the Latin name of wormwood and the spirit´s main ingredient. Besides wormwood, Absinthe traditionally contains anise and fennel. These herbs have a licorice taste, which some people do not like...

Gold68 is the strongest anise-free Absinthe. It is made for Absintheurs who want to experience the Absinthe Effect, but do not like the traditional licorice taste of anise. Absinthe Gold68 skips this ingredient to avoid a dominating licorice taste, but still uses maximum wormwood for the strongest effect. Furthermore stimulating citrus notes are present, which give this naturally bitter Absinthe a pleasant body. If you are looking for the perfect non-licorice Absinthe effect, Gold68 should be your choice.

It is important to point out, that Absinthe is not a drug. The Absinthe Effect is a state of higher physical and mental activation. But you will not hallucinate! Gold68 is a non-traditional Absinthe, meaning that it is made without the herb anise. Nevertheless it contains wormwood and is a distilled Absinthe (instead of being an oil mix). It is made in France and the alcoholic strength is set to the classic level of 68%. If you instantly want to buy a bottle of this anise-free Absinthe, just visit the ALANDIA Absinthe store. They ship worldwide:



How does Gold68 Absinthe taste like?

Gold68, being a strong Absinthe, is distilled with an extra portion of wormwood. This makes this Absinthe powerful and effective for a real experience. The high wormwood content of this Absinthe makes it bitter from the taste (wormwood is one of the most bitter plants in existance), and this bitterness is not masked by sweet tasting herbs like anise. Therefore, we recommend to drink Absinthe Gold68 with at least two sugar cubes. Although this Absinthe is anise-free, it slightly louches when cold water is added. This is achieved by a well dosed amount of fennel in the recipe. Overall, Gold68 is a straightforward Absinthe: Wormwood is what its recipe is primarily about and therefore wormwood is what you will taste and feel! As this Absinthe is anise-free you can also use it for cocktails, for example Gold68 mixed with Ginger Ale or Tonic Water and a slice of lemon or orange, depending on your preferences. 



Unlouched, natural bright golden color.


Louched, slightly milky apricot-orange color. Overall low density.


Wormwood is first, followed by some citrusy tones. The bitterness stays in the drink. Overall a dense presence of wormwood.


A perfumated aroma with the characteristical bitterness. Overall intense.


Gold68 is a straightforward Absinthe. Not very complex from the taste, but powerful.


Strong anise-free Absinthe with alcohol

Gold68 Absinthe

68% Alcohol by Volume

Strong Absinthe with wormwood

Absinthe History

Wormwood Cultivation

Absinthe with maximum Wormwood

Gold68 Wormwood

The Essential Herbal Ingredient


Where is Gold68 distilled?

Gold68 is distilled at the Devoille distillery in Fougerolles, France. The distillery was founded by Xavier Devoille in 1859. His son, Paul Devoille, was very ambitious to grow the business. He was a very important person in Fougerolles, as he held the position of the major for many years. During the time of the Belle Epoque Devoille produced various liqueurs and spirits. Absinthe was one of the products they sold. Now, more than 150 years later, these old recipes are used again for Absinthe distillation. Although the equipment of the distillery is quite modern and up to date nowadays, the ways of making the products are still very traditional. The wormwood is for example cultivated in the fields around Fougerolles and the harvesting is done by hand. The big bundles of wormwood are then dried and stored in a spacious attic of the main building of the distillery. Below you see a picture of this main building:

Absinthe Distillery


Where can I buy Absinthe Gold68 online?

After having read so much about the Absinthe itself, you might want to know hwere you can buy a bottle. Online, Gold68 is exclusively sold by the Absinthe online store ALANDIA. ALANDIA was founded in 2001, soon after legalization of Absinthe in the European Union. Since 2001 they are serving the Absinthe community. Worldwide shipping is offered including the USA.

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Gold68 Absinthe Reviews by Absintheurs:

„This particular absinthe is a wonderful citrus flavored piece of heaven. I’m a person who likes bitter drinks and therefore gold68 is one of my favorites!"

Scott from USA

„Holy xxxx, this stuff is strong. I bought it, because I don´t like the licorice taste many Absinthes have. I drnak it with two sugar cubes and ice cold water. After two glasses my body and mind pleasantly "reacted"- will buy again!“

Tom from Germany

„I liked it! Had two glasses and mixed it with just a little bit of water. I prefer a tiny bitter bite... The effects were there :-), thanks guys!“

Dimi from USA


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